Mahbobeh Golzari was born in 1987 in the United States. When she was a child, she loved Persian stories and tried to keep Persian stories in her mind. She started singing at the age of eleven, under the supervision of her master Saeideh Saeidi. Mahbobeh began studying the traditional classical repertoire known as the Radif under the supervision of her Avaz master Parisa, a renowned female vocalist from Iran.

Her main teachers were Dr. Hossein Omomi, Mohammadreza Lotfi, Amir Eslami, Mohsen Keramati, and eventually the legendary great master Mohammad Reza Shajarian.
Mahbobeh had activity in several Ensemble so far, from which can indicate to Hamavayan Ensemble in collaboration with Hossein Alizade, in 2014.
“Turtles Can Fly” is the name of the movie that Mahbobeh Golzari has sung a Lullaby in it.
Another important and successful project that Mahboubeh Golzari has been collaborating in recent years is the “Irane Khanom” project. The project, directed and composed by Peyman Soltani. It is a musical work that is a kind of narration of Iranian history from the perspective of poet Reza Barahani.
The symphonic work of “Irane Khanom” is a blend of Western classical music and Persian folk music with an emphasis on the rhythm element in popular music. The symphonic first section was performed by the National Symphony Orchestra led by Ali Rahbari and the second part of the recording was performed in Iran with the collaboration of 24 musicians and 49 singers.